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Pranidhi Automation is India's most secure GPS Vehicle Tracking and Best Fleet Management system service provider. Pranidhi Automation was formed in 2008 for the purpose of commercializing a range of Telematic Wireless products for security/productivity and fleet management.

Pranidhi Automation was established in order to become a part of the global technological forefront and a key player in the GPS application development field.


I-Gaze Application

Have a look at some application features and its user friendly accessibility.

Key Features

endless possibilities to be efficient and customized beyond features mentioned here

Real-time location

View real-time location of your vehicles, via GIS map nationwide.

Fuel Sensor

Fuel Sensor, to check fuel theft, contamination and usage.

Thermal Sensor.

to provide instant alerts for high and low temperatures.

Track mileage

Track actual mileage through GPS @ + - 2%. Make timely maintenance check-up with periodic mileage transmissions.

MIS Reports

Vehicle History, Work-Time, Fuel Usage, Extra Stoppage Time and Extra idling, Harsh Braking/ Sudden Acceleration, Summary of Entire Fleet.

Geo Fencing

allows you to designate an area with a virtual fence. Alerts will be active if the vehicle is leaving/entering/not entering/not leaving a specified area.


Pranidhi Automation provides a Fully Customized Fleet Management Application,
designed to fit specific needs of various Organizations and Industries.

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